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The widest range of precision gears available to fit your specific needs

Schafer Gear Works is one of the most modern, technologically in-tune manufacturers of the widest range of precision-cut gears and machined components. We have been making high-quality gears since 1934, and over the last two decades have boosted production capabilities even further with our 108,000-square-foot, world-class production facility and the latest CNC gear-cutting and machining technology and quality-assurance equipment.

This means your gears exactly match your specific needs with quality you can depend on. Our lean manufacturing means you stay cost-competitive. And our experience means you get knowledgeable, unparalleled customer service.

For even greater service, we have enhanced our capabilities through international alliances in India, Taiwan and Italy. This allows us to partially process your gears overseas but perform critical processes such as heat treating and final gear machining here in the U.S.A., giving you blended pricing while minimizing the risk of overseas sourcing.

Bid on gear grinders, hobbers, CNC machine tools and factory equipment during live webcast auction.

The recent acquisition of Custom Gear and Machine, Inc., Roscoe, Ill., has created a surplus of equipment for Schafer Gear Works. Rather than have these machines sit idle, we are conducting a live webcast auction to get them into the hands of companies that can use them. The auction will be held Sept. 29, 10 a.m. CDT, at the Schafer Gear Works Rockford, Ill., site and simultaneously broadcast via webcast for registered, offsite bidders. Perfection Industrial Sales of Elk Grove Village, Ill., will oversee bidding and final sales.

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SOUTH BEND, IND. (Aug 4, 2016) —To meet Schafer Gear Works’ growing demand for high-precision commercial aviation shafts and gears, the company recently moved its Fort Wayne, Ind., operations to its larger production facility in South Bend, Ind. “Acquisition of new, state-of-the-art equipment at our South Bend plant and the ability to better leverage our gear manufacturing expertise led to the transfer,” said Paresh Shah, operations manager for the South Bend facility. The transition was seamless and the plant now produces precision-critical shafts and small-diameter gears with tolerances to 0.0004” and microfinishes to 16 RMS.

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