No one achieves your precision, cost-savings and delivery demands like Schafer. 

At Schafer Aerospace, our U.S.-based teams excel at on-spec manufacturing and on-time delivery of your components, gears or machined products for your aerospace or defense applications. Our aggressive investing in world-class equipment, lean manufacturing processes, continuous training and quality control systems sets us apart. It ensures we can meet your ever-changing needs. Decades of engineering experience and our manufacturing agility allow us to pivot quickly when you are eager to introduce new technology or product innovations. Schafer Aerospace is ready to help you soar past your competition now and into the future.

The quietest, most reliable gears you will find in the market

Want quieter, more precisely engineered gears to improve your products’ performance and reliability? Schafer Aerospace is industry-renowned for its hobbing to shaving technology that improves your gear’s surface finish, quality class and lowers its noise level. 

Want to improve your gear performance and quality? Our expertise in shaving to precision gear grinding will give you a gear quality few of our competitors can replicate. 

Send your tough challenges our way. We can ramp up to solve them.

At Schafer Aerospace, our engineers, manufacturing teams and quality control specialists have a can-do attitude. So when you present a challenge, we take it on to solve it. Our dedicated facility is designed to deliver small to large production runs on-time. Need something faster than scheduled? Tight relationships with vendors and our manufacturing teams’ ability to respond quickly will help you breathe easier. 

Don’t see the specific capabilities, equipment, processes or products in our roster that you need to produce your gears or non-geared components? Let’s talk. We have the advantage of resources and strong capital backing from our holding company HBM and Schafer Industries to explore how we can ramp up so we both grow.

Control your costs with our lean manufacturing and international alliances.

At Schafer Aerospace we watch our costs to keep your costs in line, too. Our commitment to the Drum Rope/Theory of Constraints model of lean manufacturing eliminates unnecessary expenses, reduces our prices and ensures your gears and components arrive on time. Best practices in cost-savings extend to material selection, equipment efficiencies and delivery. 

To further ensure that you get the best value, we have augmented our capabilities through international alliances in India, Taiwan and Italy to give you greater product diversity, production capacity and cost efficiency than any of our competitors can offer.

These international partners provide partially completed components that we heat treat, final machine, assemble and quality inspect at our Schafer Aerospace facility. This blended manufacturing approach gives you the best of both worlds – exceptional quality and lower prices.

See firsthand how we improve your products. Arrange a plant tour today.

Telling you about the exceptional people who work at Schafer Aerospace and their commitment to exceeding your expectations is not the same as meeting our staff. Talking about our state-of-the-art equipment or manufacturing and quality control processes does not compare to watching them in action. Come see in-person how we build exceptional precision, quality and cost-savings into every gear, shaft and non-geared component we make. 

You are invited to tour our facilities. Arrange your personal, guided visit with your Schafer Aerospace representative or contact us today.

Start using better-performing gears and non-geared components.

Bring us your challenges. We’ll build the high-precision, high-quality gears, shafts or non-geared component you’ve designed to spec. Or ask, and we’ll show you ways to make it better. Our expertise and technology will cut your downtime. Reduce your scrap. Save you money.

It’s easy to start. Let’s talk today.

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