There is one source for the quietest, most reliable drivelines. This is it.

If you insist on the highest-quality, quietest axles for your recreational or light-utility, off-highway vehicles, Schafer Driveline delivers. Each custom-engineered driveline comes with a built-in reliability and hassle-free performance you can trust. If you are expanding into the electrification of your vehicles, no one surpasses the knowledge, experience and innovative solutions of your engineering and manufacturing teams at Schafer Driveline. No one. 

That is why Schafer Driveline is one of the largest manufacturers of small axles for golf cars and light-utility vehicles in the world. For more than 40 years, our staff has been designing and building axles right here in America. Schafer Driveline is the only major golf car axle manufacturer in the U.S.A. and is quickly establishing a strong reputation in more and more markets.

Why are our axles quieter and more reliable than our competitors, many which are much larger than us? It’s because we use ground gears in all of our H-12 Electric Axles. This significantly lowers the noise level and contributes to higher performance. Because we stand out in our industry, you will stand out in yours, too.

Your market’s most complete and capital-supported axle supplier.

Beyond just golf car axles, Schafer also manufactures axles and transmissions for ground support equipment, unmanned ground vehicles, high-speed ATVs, electric off-road vehicles with load capacities up to 6,500 lbs. and other smaller niches. Because we make the gears, axle assemblies and brake assemblies, we are the most complete supplier on the market. This means greater manufacturing efficiencies, on-time deliveries and more attentive customer service than you will find elsewhere.

Have a big project that no one else can handle? A tough production deadline to meet? Our strong corporate backing from HBM and Schafer Industries allows us to scale up to meet your high-volume needs. Let’s talk about the possibilities.
Should you get caught by a tighter-than-expected production deadline, call us. Our manufacturing capacity and teams can agilely pivot so you can get your order when you need it.  

See firsthand how we can improve your vehicles’ performance. Arrange a plant tour today.

Telling you about the exceptional people who work at Schafer Driveline and their commitment to exceeding your expectations is not the same as meeting our staff. Talking about our state-of-the-art equipment, world-class manufacturing and quality control processes does not compare to watching them in action. Come see in-person how we can build the quietest, highest quality drivelines for you and your customers.

You are invited to tour our facilities. Arrange your personal, guided visit with your Schafer Driveline representative or contact us today.

Start building-in greater vehicle satisfaction with your customers.

Bring us your driveline print specs. We’ll build-in the quiet and reliable performance that no one else can come close to offering you. Or ask, and we’ll show you ways to make your axles better. Our expertise and technology will cut your downtime. Reduce your scrap. Save your money. Increase your and your customers’ satisfaction.

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