Schafer Gear Works is your source for spur and helical gears from 0.125” diameter and 0.0004” tolerance up to 32” diameter and face shaping to 8.5". Work with our team and you’ll get gears and shafts made to your exact specifications.

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No other manufacturer is better equipped and staffed to produce your high-precision small to large gears than Schafer Gear Works South Bend, Ind., and Roscoe, Ill. plants. We continually update our equipment to meet your changing needs.


About Gear Works

Whatever gear or splined shaft challenge you are facing, Schafer Gear Works plants are ready to solve it. Ever since 1934, our teams have taken ideas from rough concepts through precision fabrication to assembly to help a diverse list of industries.



Zero-defects – that’s Schafer Gear Works baseline standard. It’s not enough for us to provide you with a top-notch quality system. We must exceed your expectations. That’s why every gear or shaft we deliver is usable on your shop floor.