Manufacturing News (January 2020) — Schafer Gear Works, producer of high-precision, custom-engineered gears and machined parts for a wide range of applications, recently needed to procure equipment to reduce outside processing (OSP) costs. 

Equipment requirements included flexibility and the capability of meeting the size range of Schafer’s products. Quick set-ups were a necessity. Schafer personnel determined that the solution was a new, more efficient multi-tasking machine that would meet job shop requirements.

Schafer selected a Taiyo Koki Vertical Mate 55, a vertical multitasking cylindrical O.D./I.D. grinder that, according to Engineer Jim Reilly, was a cost-effective solution that would meet their needs. Vertical cylindrical grinding machines offer several distinct advantages for grinding applications. These include: simple clamping and clocking of workpieces; improved accuracy, particularly with long workpieces; and minimal workpiece deformation due to low clamping force.

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